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I had to get this off my chest, and writing is the only way I know how!

What's Going On In Buffalo? Find Out!

Basil (Center in the red tie) is flanked by his defense team, Joel Daniels is to his left. – Photo via the Buffalo News

Yesterday’s news that Jeffrey Basil had been found guilty of 2nd degree murder and evidence tampering charges left many in Buffalo feeling that justice had been served. If you don’t know to what I’m referring, then let me give you a little background:

Earlier this past year, after an argument between Basil and Airman William Sager at the now defunct Molly’s pub on Main Street, it was reported that Basil had shoved Sager down a flight of stairs, leading to a prolonged hospital stay in a coma and his eventual death. Reports of malfeasance led to two Buffalo Police officers being suspended. One or both are also facing possible criminal and civil charges and the possibility they’ll lose their jobs as police officers.

Basil was found guilty…

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Give Dr. Ogilvie an F!

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Once again Dr. Ogilvie, leaves me scratching my head!

What's Going On In Buffalo? Find Out!

Fink Photo via James Fink – @BfloBizJimFink

Lets start by saying that not every decision made by any school superintendent is going to be a popular decision on a day like today. It can not be an easy decision to close schools, and put yourself, as well as teachers and school staff in the line of fire when weather gets this bad. Now that we got that out of the way, can someone explain to me why Buffalo schools remained open today?

Mulville Kids on their way into school #67 today – Photo via Mark Mulville (Staff Photographer Buffalo News)- @MQMulville

This isn’t the first time we’ve been critical of Dr. Ogilvie, but it seems to be incredibly justified on a day like today. A snowstorm crippled morning commuters, and in some cases has left children stranded at bus stops for prolonged periods of time as the weather deteriorated around the…

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This Was A Blizzard, Didn’t Juno

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This Was A Blizzard, or Didn’t Juno.

“Whiteout is a weather condition in which visibility and contrast are severely reduced by snow or sand. The horizon disappears completely and there are no reference points at all, leaving the individual with a distorted orientation.”

Wow! - Photo via

Thirty eight years ago today, a storm of epic proportions hit the Western New York area, and left a city crippled. It only need to be mentioned by two numbers, and any Western New Yorker knows what you’re talking about….. ’77. How bad was that Blizzard? Well here are the numbers, over 100 inches of snow fell over a four day period, wind gusts up to 50 mph, created drifts of snow as tall as 30-40 FEET high, and accounted for 23 deaths! Sounds a little familiar doesn’t it?

This makes the #blizzardof2015 or Juno look like a dusting,……… To see the rest click here.

Hitting a Home Run!

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What's Going On In Buffalo? Find Out!

Beautiful Day to be at the Ballpark! - Photo via @WGOINBuffaloBeautiful Day to be at the Ballpark! – Photo via @WGOINBuffalo

It’s not every day that you get the chance to walk around a Ballpark with a beer in tow. Which is why I hustled down to Coca Cola Field this past weekend for Ballpark Brew Bash. Before the end of the event, I would run into a bunch of people we know. It seems some of my pictures and posts to Facebook, and Twitter were just too much to pass up. No worries. There was plenty of beer left.

Adrienne and Mason had a ball! Nice shirts guys! Adrienne and Mason had a ball! Nice shirts guys!

The weather couldn’t have been better this past Saturday as the sun and heat draped Buffalo in Summer’s glow for one more day. The park looked immaculate, and the selection of beers was out of this world. Take note that this past summer has provided us with the chance to taste…

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Ballpark and Beer!

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I love Beer and Baseball, so I can’t wait for this!

What's Going On In Buffalo? Find Out!

Photo via via

I will not lie; we have covered quite a few festivals in Buffalo this summer, but the one happening this Saturday at Coca-Cola Field intrigues me the most. Maybe it’s something about being at the ballpark with all of its charm and expansive areas and a beer in tow?

This started in 2010 with just over fifty breweries and now features over sixty-plus breweries, multiple food trucks, and a giant ballpark to roam, meaning this event is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. There is, of course, no baseball game for you to indulge in, but for some reason I expect the beers to be the highlight of this event! This will be the 5th Annual Ballpark Brew Bash, and it will feature more local brewers than ever before. Hamburg, Resurgence, Community Beer Works, and Flying Bison just to name a few will be there serving up the…

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A Buffalo Wedding On The 4th!

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Yeah this is not exactly the wedding that you may be thinking it is. I have heard all about the one that has dotted Facebook all week so far, and while I have to say congrats to them. A couple that my wife and I were very close to, was married in their backyard on the West Side this past July 4th.


They will remain anonymous, but what I loved so much was the quaint feeling that it held. While not a very small event, it had the feeling of something like dinner and drinks with friends. I guess that’s just how I like my weddings, not too much pomp and circumstance.

The weather is probably what made it perfect, it was cooler with a gorgeous breeze. The attire could be called business casual at best, and in all honesty I had wished I had went with the shorts I had originally planned on wearing. But one probably doesn’t want to chance being the only one in shorts (I sadly wouldn’t have been).

The wedding march on this patriotic day? That’s right the theme song to “Top Gun”, and as the guitar solo played on I became a little misty eyed. (Maybe thoughts of poor Goose?) I mean what better way to say I love you than with the feeling that at any moment Maverick was gonna buzz the tower?

The drinks were cold and flowing all evening and the food for the event was catered by Black Market Food Truck. Which means that I was in Heaven! I love their food, and was floored to find out that they catered events. The menu consisted of BBQ Pulled Pork, Ginger Apple Coleslaw, Cornbread that I’m pretty sure was infused with lemon, and the best thing I ate a BBQ Bacon wrapped shrimp that was like the size of my fist! I mean to die for!!!!!!


It wouldn’t have been the 4th of July without some fireworks, and the kids at the wedding were in for a treat. The fireworks that had been procured by the hosts, turned adult and children into one in the same. Something to be said about firing off bottle rockets out of a beer bottle that just takes me back I guess! With our son tuckered out, my wife and I said our goodbyes to the newlyweds and headed off to our car.

The fireworks of the Thruway as we drove home, provided a surreal ending to what turned out to be a great little wedding!


Here is a link to Black Market Food Truck to check out their catering menu!


Better Man?

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So for years my father and I played golf on Father’s Day, it was a family tradition for a long time.

Up until recently that is.

When my grandfather was alive, he and one of my uncles (whom I rarely saw) would join us, in a very competitive match. All four of us were decent golfers, and I always wanted to beat my dad. I mean isn’t that when you know you’ve become a man? I however was always one or two strokes away from beating him, and even when I was close or ahead, I would easily melt down in epic fashion.

Once when we were playing on vacation just outside Bar Harbor in Maine, I had a 5 stroke lead going into the last 3 holes to play. What transpired could only be called shocking, after losing my lead in only 2 holes of those 3 holes to play (don’t ask). I then duffed my drive on the last hole into OB, and went about trying to combine my driver with a tree. I came inches from a self-induced lobotomy, and received a serious scolding from my dad on golf etiquette. It wasn’t Father’s Day but it shows how badly I wanted to win.

Phone Feb 2014 202

I miss those days honestly. Me looking for some form of validation of my manhood, and for years I thought that would allow me to claim it.

As years passed and we grew apart, it became more difficult on Father’s Day to get out for that round. When I had my son, it made it almost impossible. The round of golf that I looked forward to so much all year, became an afterthought. We would play maybe once or twice, but it wasn’t the same. Father’s Day also coincides with the final round of the US Open, and being golf nuts we plopped down on the couch after the round to complete our golfing deluge! I missed that time with him, and with a son of my own it became more difficult to do those things. I guess what I really missed was spending time with the old man.

I did eventually get him, at Rothland’s in Clarence. With two holes left to play I had a 7 stroke lead and finished out with a few pars to take him by 9. There were no bells and whistles, fanfare, or massive explosions. In fact I felt bad, I was so used to the chase. I realized that I really was chasing after was just spending time around my dad.

I called my dad this year and setup a round of golf with him and my son on Father’s Day this year. Hey traditions should never die!